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Welcome!! =)

Looking for a gift for a very special person or yourself? These are my little creations, hope that you will find something you like here.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Rosy brooch

Rosy earring


9:40 PM




9:38 PM

_*Wedding/party favours*_

Trying to get something for your guests/friends as a door gift?How about getting these keychains? It's pretty, simple and cheap.

From Left to Right:
1)purely Your
2)flower of the valley
3)golden compass
4)Sassy girl

Selling at $2.50 each. For bulk, it will be $2 or less (mininal 10 orders). Please contact me at chunchun87@gmail.com 3 months in advances for bulk orders.


9:14 PM

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Bow and tie


Petal thots brooch



9:10 PM


Laughing gas


rainbow fun!

made of swavorski crystals.

Take a bow

Pretty and girly

japanese girl



8:55 PM


SOLD secret garden bracelet SOLD

the whole bracelet is made from wire(including the connections)

glowing ball

The beads will glow in sunlight.

Ariel's pearl

made of fresh water pearls

SOLD My lucky charm SOLD

You can add on more charms to the bracelet

Watch out!

made of elastic band, fresh water pearls(dyed) and swavorski crystals.


8:49 PM

Friday, November 28, 2008

_*Christmas- a time of giving and sharing*_

The most exciting festival is finally here...At Chun Ai, we have our own way of celebrating Christmas!

1.A free hand phone accessory with ANY purchase
2.10% off with a minimal purchase of $10!

...So hurry!

12:15 AM


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